Cards (idk what else to say but the title has to be 9 characters)


One of my fine art friends recently completed a photo series in which she used people she encounters daily to represent a standard deck of cards (yours truly was the queen of hearts). There was a lot of hair and makeup and honestly bless her for taking all that time with 51 people plus herself.

I was inspired by that and I thought it might be fun to explore how elements of this universe reflect in cards. We could use standard cards, Tarot cards, Yugioh! cards, Pokemon cards, etc. For example, I associate Gossmere with the suit of hearts, Ebenguard with the justice tarot card, and Eaves with Chansey (this is meant to be very positive bc Eaves is such a nurturing type).


I like this idea! It would be fun to do something like this with the mounties even if we each have to make our own cards.


Thank you! It’d be super cool if there were six suits in the standard deck and we could go about playing cards that way, but alas someone decided to only have 4 and rain on my parade.


I’m already picturing poses/costume. I have a bustle around here somewhere that I haven’t had an excuse to wear in a while. I don’t know what card I’d be in a standard deck, and I don’t know the first thing about tarot cards but somehow I already have ideas.


I hope we can have some steampunk Flinterforge cards.


I love this idea


(From my 2 second Google search) this one really appeals to me. It’s actually simmilar to what I was imagining (mine would likely be more glammed up but I’m floored by how similar it is to what I pictured.) I don’t know anything about tarot but the hermit seems like a good match for Thornmouth.


I have zero artistic talent, but I approve of this design.

Also hermit is very Thornmouth to me as well. That card represents reflection and the search for truth and knowledge. Plus it’s commonly depicted as a person with a lantern, which lines up with the symbol.


guild tarot cards would be awesome


For all our Thornmouth friends, this is what the hermit card looks like in my deck.


Can you post a link to where you bought those? they are so cool!


My friend actually got them for me, but she got them from here:

I love them so much! Even the box is pleasant to look at.


I will be buying this.


OK but what if there was a basecamp/magiq trading card game?

Like someone could be about to win (however that would happen) and you could throw down the vessel card or the tetrahedron card, both of which involve advanced paper folding that has to be completed before their next turn. And the most sought after card would be Meme Overlord Revenir.


I thought Cags was the most sought after


True! I can’t believe I forgot Cags.

King Rabbit would be the equivalent of the draw 4 in UNO.


If someone created a game like this it would be wonderful!


Although the game would have to be extremely complex, so that we can include all the details of the basecamp and the monarch papers.


Heaven forbid that someone plays the Steve card though…:antlers:


the steve card should switch the majority of cards around the players, meaning everyone gets someone else’s cards