Cards (idk what else to say but the title has to be 9 characters)


And if @Chordie was a card… abilities include spontaneous polygamy?




I feel like it could also flip the values of said cards as well, making great cards trash and worthless cards amazing!


everyone should have their own card! Like the keegan card, the sellalellen card and so on


@hannah -


So would Balimora be Temperance (with its meaning of Balance) or The Tower (for the chaos of the law of nature)?
Still trying to get my head around all of this!


I’d say the Tower. @Firefish


I’d be curious as to what my particular card would be


Well, I would say the card would read Nomand, the warrior poet. and each profile card besides Crags, The Meme lord and a few others would need other cards (minimum of four) from their guild in order to cast spells in the game and gain points (This is my personal idea on how the game would work but we would need agreed upon rules.)


My card’s weaknesses would definitely include origami. That’s about all I got.

And what if the background of everyone’s card represented their guild/guilds?


@hannah Great! so there could possibly be a minor card in game called origami, that weakened Ebengaurdian magic.


If we figured out a basic format, everyone could make thier own and they’d look like they belong in the same deck.


this would be so much fun


I don’t know about all of Ebenguard per se.
It would probably be the archenemy card of Sage though.


true we are going to have to work out all the details. It needs to be complex enough that we can include the whole story but simple enough that it’s easy to play


I feel like a game that truly included the whole story would take as long to play as Monopoly. Or like the Yugioh anime when they would spend like two or three months of episodes on one match (I was very bitter about that as a child and I still am now tbh).


At the risk of sounding like a huge nerd, if we’re doing trading cards, maybe we could do like a Yugioh type thing and have multiple types of cards? Like you have your monster cards, trap cards, and magic cards.

I’ve got a lot of things to do, but I might be able to whip up a trading card layout at some point, if you guys come up with some rules and stuff.


All I know is, the balimorans are going to be jealous of my deck. It’s called the Wildwood deck. I’ll have to take some pictures when I get home


The Wildwood deck is gorgeous! The same friend who gave me my golden thread uses that deck. I feel like people don’t appreciate Wildwood a lot because they just assume it’s similar to the Wild Unknown when they’re really not the same at all.


All forms of paper folding and pyramid building are trap cards by default.