Cards (idk what else to say but the title has to be 9 characters)


These are some of my favorites from the Wildwood. I love all of the cards, really, but these are the ones I felt really captured a lot of what the deck is like


I like the idea that King Rabbit or Steve is literally a draw 4 from Uno, regardless of the rules of our game.

Also, I’m so down for a custom Tarot deck. Like, I would pay money for that


I actually would too.

I think this is a really good idea


I’d like to believe that my card has some resistance to paper folding.




Hahaha :imp: that’s the lantern I made for the Thornmouth still life.


@Sellalellen I actually use a steampunk deck of tarot cards by Barbara Moore


For all you :thornmouth: out there


Replace with wizardy clothing, a Mindlfame lantern, a book, and a stormy coast w/ lighthouse background and we good


My initial idea was pretty close to that last one but more goth/fairytale (because those are the sorts of costumes I have)


There’s a complex half way house between tarot and regular playing cards which has many many more cards than a regular deck and can be used equally for games and divination. I think we would be missing a trick if our cards didn’t do similar :wink:


We could create a tarot/old maid deck based on our guilds. That would be good fun. I have a tarot deck, The Illuminati deck. It’s gorgeous.


What if we included some of the images that were found during the first few fragments? Like this:

I think they would make good filler cards for lack of a better word. Like if we’re short by a few, something based off those illustrations could work as a way of including more of the universe.


Id be happy to take a King of Hearts photo! I already am getting inspired!


I kinda still want to do the hermit but I’m not sure if we’re doing playing or tarot cards.


Do whichever one inspires you and I’m sure more people will chip in as it goes.


Tarot. Tarot. Tarot. Tarot.

I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but Tarot.

Once more for emphasis


Whispers Tarot


I would like to vote for tarot, though I don’t think anyone else in this thread in interested.


For Tarot I could do Lovers, vv Gossmere card to me:) I may be able to get my bf to take the shot with me!
(If not I wilk grab one of my assorted girlfriends XD )


I could do justice probably. My girlfriend does a lot of photography in her spare time. It feels like a good fit for me as a card, too.