Cards (idk what else to say but the title has to be 9 characters)


I love this so much!!


Personally I like the Tarot Card idea


i also use this deck. its fantastic.


add me for a card


Which one Grim?


idk. i just want to help/


I believe I would be Joker in standard card deck or The Fool in tarot cards. I’m not sure about Pokemon though. :sweat_smile:


This idea is so cool! I have no idea what card I would be/want to be…but I love this???


Could I be The Magician please?


I would like to say that the Devil card is not something that can be summed up as

But yes, I’d like to claim The Devil.


If we’re still claiming cards, I’ll take Judgment. If that’s okay?


Update: If it’s still available, I’ll call dibs on The Sun


I don’t know that anything was ever done with these, so feel free to use the tarot card idea to express yourself in any way you like. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay just so that people don’t think I’ve come unhinged. My reasoning basically comes down to my anxiety disorder controlling my life and The Devil representing breaking free from that by letting go of the control it has over me.




I guess I’ll go for “The Star,” if that’s fine for everyone else


I’d like to be part of this but I have no artist talent or creativity at all. :joy:


i guess i will give @Viviane Judgement.

Now to find me a card


I’d love the Hermit if that’s alright.


I… actually claimed the Hermit already. Sorry :grimacing: