Cards (idk what else to say but the title has to be 9 characters)


You’re all good. Back to research!


Queen of Swords or Page of Swords then.

edit: just realized this was not in the major arcana so if the magician is not taken I can do that…?


I wanna see your version of the hermit :heart:


Two hermits? :heart:


I’ll definitely do my best!


On my journey through the depths of the forum, I’ve come across the empty Temperance slot… Which, you know, would probably be me.


still hasnt found a good slot.
i work with tarot cards fairly often. so finding myself in a card is difficult to do.


has anyone taken a sword slot?

i feel like id be a knight or swords.


If we’re still calling cards, can I be the hierophant? Im more prone to do things because of family tradition and I also like when things follow a natural order in society so that sounds like me.