Guild Familiars


i made a write-up for things i would see being around the Ebenrest compound in the forests and on teh beaches as well. they’re higher up in the thread.

might write something involving a species of magiqal deer. as well. just for kicks


How I met my Personal Familiars:

Over the next few weeks, I found my way back to Sentinel’s Rest. I puzzled over the compass, and meditated with the pendant. Eventually I drove out to the forest beach, and pulled open the compass. I had my pendant and my backpack. The compass pointed to the E, and then spun and pointed me in another direction. I followed the compass until the dial spun again, pointed to the E, and then spun and pointed somewhere else. Eventually it led me back to the gates of the compound. I touched the gates, and they opened, mist clearing from the area around it. I saw more buildings and saw that the presidio reached back into the forest. My Pendant was warm under my shirt, and I knew it helped me find the presidio.
The next few days were a blur. I was brought into training sessions and shown more of the compound by the young woman who had shown me around earlier. Her name was Anne, and she had found the Presidio a couple of years ago. As we toured the grounds, she issued a warning. “The forest has quite a few dangers to it,” she said, “Probably best to stay away from it until you’re ready, and until you’ve learned how to defend yourself.” The forest was a constant curiosity for me because of this warning. I took training in Sailing, Shooting with a Bow, Magical Combat, and how to enchant and make things with magiq. I came and went, as I had to return home every so often. Time moved differently at the Presidio, that I knew to be named Sentinel’s Rest but was colloquially known as Ebenrest or The Presidio. It seemed to move faster than the world outside. Days of training and living are equated to hours in the mundane world. Even with as much stuff as I was doing, the forest still pulled at my attention. With the growing power within me, and my deeper reliance on my instincts, I just knew I had to get into that Forest.
One morning at dawn, I moved into the forest, a knife sheathed on my back, a hatchet on my hip, a quiver belted to me, and a bow at the ready. I thought I was ready. I worked my way past the back wall of the compound, and walked deeper into the mist-covered woods, ready to find something. That something happened to be a clearing where I ended up surrounded by a rather large pack of wolves. Turns out I was. Not. Ready. I was there, primed, with an arrow knocked and ready to fire, when suddenly, a loud growl rumbled through the clearing. The wolves backed a little away after it had sounded, and from out of the misted forest in front of me a wolf the size of a grizzly came forward. My pendant pulsed, and my pulse slowed. Recognition flashed through my mind. “I’ve seen this creature before,” I thought to myself. As the beast walked forward, a smaller wolf, one about the size of a medium sized bear, came out from behind it and began matching the other’s pace. I sensed some urgency and glee coming from it. The two came to stop in front of me, and looked at me. I looked into the eyes of the large one, and sensing no malice, slowly put my bow on the ground and stood back up to come to eye level with the wolf. The larger wolf moved its head toward the smaller one, and from what it looked like, nodded. Then it looked up, and an eagle glided down onto it’s back. Another smaller eagle came down to alight on the ground opposite the smaller wolf. The eagles made eye contact, and after ruffling its feathers, the smaller one bowed. The Large wolf looked at me again, nodded slightly, and turned to go. The eagle on its back faced me and gave me what I thought was a stern look and softly took off the wolf’s back. The rest of the pack followed suit, except for the small wolf and eagle.
Soon I was just alone with the two. My knees finally gave out and I fell flat on my butt. The wolf barked at that and the eagle cawed, like they were laughing at me. My pendant grew warmer, and pulsed again, like it was laughing a bit too. I just started laughing, and the two animals drew closer. The wolf came over and brushed my hand with his nose, while the eagle hopped over and sat down at my side. Instinctually I slowly reached up and brushed the side of the wolf’s fur. He also came and sat down next to me. A few minutes later, I felt like I knew what they were thinking. The pendant was warm and slowly pulsing, adding to the natural calm that had settled. After what seemed like an hour, I moved to get up, and the creatures moved with me. The wolf and eagle stood and walked with me. I walked back to the edge of the presidio, wondering when they might leave. I had quite enjoyed their company, and wasn’t sure if they’d stay past the walls. I got right up to the walls and a thought went through my head. “Of course we’re staying with you. We chose you.” About 3 seconds later I shook my head and said “Wait. Was that you two?” The wolf let out a small series of barks, like laughter, and the eagle just cocked his head sideways. “Of course it was,” the voice said again. “We’re your familiars, and we chose you,” said another, slightly deeper voice. I stared in shock, and with a grin I said, “Let’s go in then.” The two followed me into the compound. Shortly after that happened, Anne ran up to me, looking rather shocked and worried. “Where did you go?! And why are you being flanked by a Meridian Eagle and a Grimm Wolf?” “Honestly, I have no idea.” I said, looking a bit bemused. “They say their my familiars.” “Your familiars, what…. You went into the forest didn’t you?” “I might have a little.” “well then, I guess it’s good you went in and weren’t killed!” “I’m sorry for not telling anyone… I just…felt I needed to go.” “Fine,” she said with a frown, “Fine. Its not like you had us worried or anything.” “I did come back, and with two new friends no less!” “That you did.” She said, exasperated. “Let’s go and get some brunch then.” We began walking toward the mess hall, while she told me about familiars and about the two creatures who had claimed me for their own. That’s how I came to partner with Lokan and Selavi, the Grimm Wolf and Meridian Eagle. They told me their names on the walk to the mess hall.

Authors Note: I used a couple of creatures i made up. cause i feel a connection to them, given i helped make them.
Also, enjoy the story! hope its not too long!


In terms of a personal familiar, I’d have to pick between two. They’ve been with me for a long time and I wouldn’t quite feel the same without them. I met Reika a very long time ago in the Eastern Netherlands. He’s a Friesian black horse. Absolutely gorgeous and stronger than he looks. He’s perfect for a traveller like me. I met Meida in the wild. His mother had been shot by local hunters in the American Midwest, just north of the Ohio River. He’s a red tailed hawk. I raised him from a chick, and the feathery goofball has been with me ever since.

I know as an Ebenguardian we maintain our guild “mascot” or “familiar”, but familiar to me means a lot more personal than a broad umbrella for an entire group. Besides, Meida likes to laugh at me for it, but I actually don’t like the ocean. Open water scares me. Thankfully Reika is a bit more mature and chastises him for me.

If you see me riding, you can be guaranteed the feathery bugger is somewhere in the sky, and Reika is subtly showing off for anyone in the vicinity. They’re my immediate family in the extended family that is Ebenguard.

Horse and hawk, because I’m afraid of open water and the air has waves and currents too.


no reason to pick. you can have more than one personal one.
the guild creature is apparently the hippocampus,
so thats a thing, but a personal familiar is just that. Personal.

It’s your choice.
Mine chose me, and made their way into my world. thats just how it is sometimes!