Guild Tattoos


Drop photos and videos of your new Guild Badge tattoos here. Represent your Guild!

Excited to see your ink! :heart_eyes:

(We are up to 10 “pledges” so far, 1/2 of those being Ebenguard :grin: . PLEASE, do not distribute the high-res badge image from CJ. He has made it available for those planning to get tattoos.)


What’s the one for Balimora?


The one with the black and white trees intertwined


Lol I guess I should have specified what’s the link to the high res for Balimora? Because I’ve been jonesing for some new ink and this is definitely something I want to get! :slight_smile:


CJ posted it in the general chat.


Thanks @Deyavi!


Also if anyone gets any drawings from tattoo artist they could share them here. I think seeing other peoples mock ups might help some people decide if they want some slight mods to their tattoos. Also I have committed to this so keep reminding me, so I will actually do it.


Today’s the big day, @Deyavi! Can’t wait to hear all about it, and see the outcome!!!


@CJB the first moments


This is the coolest thing ever.


I’ll post a better photo when it’s healed and the swelling has gone down some.


I got my date! July 15th I’m getting my first piece of Erica Flannes ink and I’m so excited.





Hey gang, finally putting this on up but now I’ve come to a difficult decision; Do I go black and white or colour??? If colour how would you colour it??


That is an incredible design.


Awesome design!


I feel like either could be very Weatherwatchy, but in your case I’d say specifically color would be more suitable. Or, alternately, you could choose some elements to be color and others in black and white.


I know this is seriously late but, Sky, I absolutely LOVE your tat. It is so unique and fun and incredibly Weatherwatch.


This still blows my mind, that you guys have tattoos based on my writing. Based on the world we created. It’s just… :laurencry: