Mountie Motivation Fitness Challenge



Happy Friday, Mounties! We’re heading in to the long weekend, and back to guild-themed challenges. I’ve tried to stick with body weight exercises that require no equipment, but for this week you will need access to a pull up bar, at home or at the gym. This week’s challenge is… Balimoran Strength

Strong back muscles are key to climbing in the forested/jungle terrain Balimorans call home. These will also work your biceps and other key arm muscles. So, to complete this challenge, do a set of pull ups until failure each time you exercise. True to the chaotic nature of Balimorans, this number will be different and unique for each of us.

Can’t do a pull up? Start with “inverse pull ups”- take a standing jump at a pull up bar and grasp the bar at the height of the jump and hold your position for as long as possible. As slowly as you can, lower yourself down to the ground. This will build the muscles needed to eventually overcome the gravitational constant and do a full pull up on your own! If you’re at a gym, you could also try weight-assisted pull ups, but that requires some highly specialized equipment.


LOL. So I totally did 1.5 miles (on a treadmill, but still) yesterday and I was all excited but then I FORGOT to post it here. :joy:

On the subject of this week: I very much do not have access to a pull-up bar - thanks, useless tiny apartment workout room. Maybe I can co-opt monkey-bars in the park next door? Any better suggestions for those of us stranded without gym memberships/other adequate fitness facilities?


Here’s a cool article where some unnecessarily buff guy does pull ups in a variety of unexpected locations (my favorite is the bucket of a backhoe):

The most “Balimoran” option, of course, would be a sturdy tree branch.