Not TMP Related - The King in Yellow


My wife told me I got a package in the mail. I wasn’t expecting anything but not unheard of. I occasionally get stuff from kickstarter I forgot I backed 2 years ago what finally got to sending out a product.

What I found was this.

The main envelope.

Inside was…another enveloper, but not to me.

And inside, w as another letter to me, which apparently never made it.

And then this letter explaining itself…I guess?

Inside are 4 badly yellowed pages, as if they were pulled from some old book or play.


I think we need to discover who this “Stranger” is… is there more of the play???


According to the wiki page there are only stories about the play existing.

" There are ten stories, the first four of which (“The Repairer of Reputations”, “The Mask”, “In the Court of the Dragon”, and “The Yellow Sign”) mention The King in Yellow, a forbidden play which induces despair or madness in those who read it. "


Please don’t read too much Robert!!! You’re one of our strongest players and we can’t afford to bench you anytime soon


Looks like you’re gonna have to go shopping for a safe and some serious home security!


A safe won’t do much against magiq. Are we going to have to upgrade Roberts wards???


Act 1 scene 2 where she asked him to take off the mask and he isn’t wearing one… St. Augie’s Day Unmasks anyone? :tinfoilhat:


Also, @Robert I can’t see the scene number on the last paper. What is it?


So apparently there are ‘excerpts’ from the play in the book, but all the excerpts in the book are from Act 1. Act 2 is supposedly the act where all the madness lies. And from what I can tell, page 4 is the only version of anything from Act 2 i can see.


Reading the wiki page some more. Act 2 is supposed to be the act where you go mad if you read it. You have part of act 2 0_0


Well definitely don’t read any of that act!


The “no mask” part reminds me a bit of Mr. Wideawake…


The last page is Act 2 Scene 1.

Maybe they just say Act 2 is where all the madness lies to keep people from reading it? Maybe it’s a briar book like the little red house?


That would be an interesting safeguard but what if it actually does makes you go mad? That would definitely be a better safeguard then just saying it might. What better way to keep the wrong people from reading it


Well as I recall Deidre went a bit loopy for a while after reading the little red house.


The play is meant to be a fictional device in this book of stories, is it not? Is it perhaps real but lost when history was revised? Im a little unnerved thst you got a page that’s supposedly nonexistent.


Bah I’m going to have to undo a whole row of lace. As thrilling as this mystery is, it does not appear to be conducive to crocheting.
Random thoughts:
Is Carcosa a real place? I’ve never heard of it.
The author seems to have a fixation with halls
What “gifts” can the Stranger impart?


By the way. I left my Herman pin on my travelling backpack by the front door. I somehow moved my pack i guess when I needed something to hold up the items for pictures. But I don’t remember doing that. But there it is in the pictures.


I didn’t notice that! You know, my pin has been acting up too lately.


Okay so Carcosa is apparently a fictional city used in multiple books by various authors. One thing stands out though.
"In Chambers’ stories, and within the apocryphal play (also titled The King in Yellow) which is mentioned several times within them, the city is a mysterious, ancient, and possibly cursed place. The most precise description of its location given is that it said to be located on the shores of Lake Hali in the Hyades. The descriptions given of it seem to make it clear that it must be located on another planet, or possibly even in another universe." Neithernor?:tinfoilhat: