Not TMP Related - The King in Yellow


I also noticed on their Wiki that there was also a publishing house by that name (as well as a fictional one?)…


Something to listen to while you search. I need to go get ready for a thing.


I keep rereading this part of the letter. ‘We have dedicated ourselves to the preservation of that which would otherwise be destroyed in the name of morality, or taste, or political views, or religions beliefs. When the government chose to ban this play and all associated materials, our predecessors moved in an secreted away as many copies as we could find for future generations, and they have been in our safekeeping ever since.’

Is this from Monarch’s Mountain? The Silver? Someone new?


It could be a magical preservation society!


Huh, I can’t get into anymore.

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The government? Which government? These papers are giving me nothing but questions.


So the author of The King in Yellow is named Robert W. Chambers born in 1865 in Brooklyn.
Other short collections of his include The Maker of Moons, The Mystery of Choice and The Tree of Heaven. He died in 1933.


The Stranger mentioned in the play that claims to wear no mask is stated as being from Aldebaran (a star system) which may be the location of Carcosa.
According to the King in Yellow wiki, the closest real-world equivalent of Carcosa is Carcassonne, France.


Woah Robert, talk about spooky! Wonder who’s trying to preserve these things? It really does sound like the Lost Aethenaum, but who knows, maybe it’s a similar group?

One thing that stands out to me about this madness debacle. Maybe these people are being taken out by the Silver, or someone who doesn’t want it to be read? If they held the tools to wipe people’s memories, maybe in the past they were able to make people mad? :tinfoilhat: I suppose there’s also the possibility that it just got a bad reputation. After all the Guide was once called the Lunatic’s guide.


Do you think the Aethenaeum knows about us? Maybe they banned the account. :thinking:


According to Marty, we’re kinda of a big deal in some circles. I’m sure someone involved with the Aethenaeum has read most of this by now.


First off, I doubt this is the silver, if it was… I doubt they would share it with anyone, especially us. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a shoot off of some Wool splinter group, the first thing that came to mind was the royal house of Thornmouths in monarchs mountain?

Also, I am a HUGE Lovecraftian, so I am really intrigued by this manuscript.


This is all really fascinating. I would venture a guess at the group being some faction within Monarch’s Mountain, but wasn’t there a recent… “reorganization”? Maybe this is a member from Ascender’s Mountain reaching out.


Now that I’ve mostly had a night’s sleep. The question occurs to me ‘well now what?’. The answer took me a minute (no coffee yet), but it was pretty clear. ‘We’re mountaineers. We look for the next hand hold, and climb.’

The letter said whoever this is sent out many parcels to try to maximize the amount of chances they would survive. So, first off, check your mail boxes. :slight_smile:

But they also say they used an intermediary to send these out. That must be this outer envelope I got with the following address.

Professional Logistics
3085 Kingston Road
Toronto, On …and a postal code I cannot read

Maybe they used the same intermediary to send all their packages? Maybe we can find them and contact them or do a little magiqal snooping?

So far things like and don’tgo anywhere. But you never know.


I can only check for non-standard envelope sizes on Thursdays (apartment mailroom hours), but I’ll keep an eye out. And I will most certainly be snooping.


Oh yeah, for sure. I don’t think the Silver would ever send something out, they’d probably rather destroy it if they couldn’t have it. But I could see them wanting this kind of thing for themselves, and maybe in their pursuit, the madness reputation developed. The group who wrote the letter is anti-censorship, so they’re in opposition to the ideals of the Silver. I dunno, that’s just my wacky tinfoil brain going. If this is as important as the letter says it is, I’m sure a lot of people have pursued it over the years.


It almost looks like the postal code is M1M1P1…

Edit: I checked to see if that was an actual code, and it is off a Kingston Rd!

With the place that comes up, it looks an awful lot like the equivalent of a UPS Store, where they have mail boxes you can rent.


I’m away from my mailbox until Sunday, but the post office will be my first stop when I’m back! I hate the idea that I might be holding everyone back, so fingers crossed it’s empty right now…


So, after looking after over it again. I noticed a few things, they could honestly be nothing but I desperatly want to know why this play was censored, and why Lovecraft knew about it.

First, it references a Queen, and maybe I am grasping for straws but we all know of one queen whose mythos is pretty steeped in magiq. Anne of Brittany. That would also, at least partially, explain why this was censored by the proverbial “them” . It also refers a hall, again, possibly grasping for straws but I felt it might be worth mentioning.
It also feels very… Ghostly, which is incredibly unsettling because with whats been going on in Neithernor, and with whats been happening at the publishing house… It feels almost too close to home.
I also did some digging into some of the verses on the first page, and definitely felt like each one matched a guild, but that could just be me.
Do you guys think… This letter is from the Book of Wilds? I ask because Saberlane feels like the pins are from there, and like the ghosts… It could be bleeding into our world? My working theory is that, Robert, someone sent you this in that timeline, and you are just now receiving it in this once. Perhaps thats due to the output of magimystical energy the pin puts off.

Sorry, I am sure this post is totally non coherent, but I needed to get these thoughts out there before I fell asleep and forgot them all together.


Hey guys, you remember in Fragment Thirteen (And possibly related - this bit from Fragment Nine), when we got that story of a man displaced in time? He was transported to New York from a strange world and he couldn’t remember anything about his life.

Well, I looked into Carcosa a bit more, and I found out that the first reference to the city was Ambrose Bierce’s “An Inhabitant of Carcosa.” The main character is a nameless resident of a post-apocalyptic city who wakes up in a place he doesn’t recognize. He tries to return to his home, the city of Carcosa, and asks a man in strange furs if he can give him directions. However, he speaks in a strange language. In the end, he comes upon a grave, realizes it’s his own, and that he’s been wandering around the ruins of Carcosa. The man is trapped outside of time, the memories of his past life lost to him. Doesn’t that sound similar? :thinking: It’s not a perfect comparison, but the time travel and the lost memories… that can’t be a coincidence.

Also, another thing to look into - that page where Camilla goes “Mask? No mask!” is an introduction to a short story called “The Mask.”