Sigils - Personal, Magiqal, and Symbolic!




Like I said in the discord, I’m going to begin making sigils. These will be personal ones, ones for magiqal effects (like shielding), or just for the fun of it!

I’ll be using a few different methods of making them, so who knows what will come about.

Will also post some instructions on how to create your own sigils and symbols.
cause who wouldnt want to painstakingly get better at drawing by drawing odd abstract shapes for a while!?

More to come!


I would be interested in developing my own personal magiqal sigil. Looking forward for more to come.


it would depend on what you’re looking for out of the sigil.
could be quite a few permutations of it.
the art is a bit fo a living process.


I’m really curious to make a “Common Drum” sigil, and what it will look like!


I’ll be posting a couple images of sigils i’ve built/drawn in teh past, and we can go from there


all of these are different versions of what i’ve drawn for sigils.


and these were done with a variety of different styles. which i’ll expound upon should someone ask.


These are brilliant @grimangel53! :star_struck:


Omg they look awesome!! I really like the sigils on the third image!


The Aqua one is speaking to me, personally. The combo of anchor and fountain pen, really inspired.


That one is for one of my Personality/Character/Thought Fragments.

In my mind, she’s a writer, but is also intrinsically tied with the element of water and the sea.


I’m really intrigued by the one under “pixie dust” in the last photo. Is it runic symbols of some kind, or something else?


the pixie dust one itself is an interpretation of pixie dust, (and given that i work on a boat for disney) i chose to use the Disney D as the center piece.

the ones underneath it are the names of the 4 ships, with the first letter of the ship’s name in theban as the centerpiece. so they are an interesting type of rune/sigil


I’m partial to the “Dawn” sigil, it’s really lovely.


she’s a traveler, so i went with the idea of a compass rose for her.

i enjoy making them. im still short like… 2, i think, out of my fragments


These are all lovely, the trust one makes me think of Trusted Confidant :slight_smile:


feel free to use it as you will!
they’re meant to be used with good intent
(and the three are great in sequence! FAITH TRUST and PIXIE DUST!)
is a giant dork


btw, the bottom ones in the faith and trust boxes are the finished product.


The top right one inside a box looks really cool to me


second or forth picture?