Sigils - Personal, Magiqal, and Symbolic!



Dang, Grim! I am in awe of your logo design skills. I am absolutely in love with those anchors :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


the one that says arcan is more supposed to be a bow. but eh. i’ll take an anchor.


Pixie dust is my favorite!


So @grimangel53, do you have a process for these? And do the ones you posted have any particular magiqal effects?


i do. but it depends on the style. the four that look like shapes made of lines? specific process.
the more intricate drawn ones? different process.
faith trust and pixie dust? another one entirely.
the four underneath those? different too.
and there is also the ones that apparently didint get uploaded which is another process.
(some of these are self made processes, some are ones i found on places like tumblr,)

I’d say the ones on page two and four are more apt for magic, while the ones on pages 1 and 3 are more for personal use and are made with specific intent. I’d use them to really put myself into that character’s state of mind. like give them the ability to drive for a while.

the ones on pages 2 and 4, those are more general purpose ones.
and i have ways of building those out.

give me a word. or a phrase, or a concept.
and we’ll start there.


Cool! Okay, so, here’s a word/concept for you to try: fireproof. (One I could use for a number of reasons.)


okay. lets start.

okay. i have 3 options. one via the way i did the disney trio, one via the way i did the ship quartet, or one via another way.

Edit: once you pick, im going to type out the steps and probably draw somehting as well.


I’m really interested in the way you did the ship quartet, so let’s go with that one?


okay then we start with the Theban Letter F. as the base.

and we take the word Fireproof and break it down
use all consonants once. F R P .
and then we arrange them to look like a pattern we’d like.


I might have to post the picture tomorrow, as i dont ahve a good cable here for the thing im using for pictures.

but i have at least a prelim sketch.


Super excited to see it whenever you get a chance to post. :smile:


that one is what i have. for a prelim.


I just found these, and may I say, these are beautiful. I’ve always liked the idea of words and symbols having magiq. If you think about it they already have some, words and symbols bring forth ideas into your mind and can even mesmerize you and be associated with mindsets and ideologies. In my opinion its quite beautiful.


Cheers! I like making sigils as easier ways to put magiq into the world. They give form to the symbols and abstract in your mind. And they can be easily applied.

Plus, they make for easy small spells.