SOLVED: Fragment Twelve: Spell Creation


Here, I’ll make a google doc to sign up, one sec


Join here:


Ahh, the wonders of Google doc. The item just has to associate with the element right?


Yeah I know weatherwatch is light but can’t remember the rest… will try to link it if I find it


It’s ore, tides, wilds, and light.


I’m sure this is it


Got it. I always forget there’s five guilds not four, must be the Harry Potter. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha 6 mate


I definitely think we should have a run through of sorts once we have everyone’s roles figured out.




Well, I’ll do the second spell for Balimora.


Just know, that entails creating a blindfold representative of wild.


So something that blinds the KS workers and associates with the wilds?


For all those who are participating in the casting.

Spell 1 entails a speaking role that will have to be carried out in round fashion.

Spell 2 entails the creation and wearing of a blindfold representative of your guild’s respective element.

All participants will have to be prepared by this Tuesday. It’s be there or be square.


You are creating a literal blindfold, that you will wear. It should relate to Wilds and it is merely representing how the employees are being blinded.


Weatherwatch blindfold is gonna be interesting… might have to shine a torch into our eyes :thinking::thinking:


Ok, I didn’t understand part two at all. What does this mean? I’m apparently to dumb to understand it.


I just explained it here.


The blind fold for the wilds could be stormy in nature with perhaps tangles of snare bushes and weeds and roots…a storm can blind through various measures with wind and rain and lightening (also in a sense “blind” the ears with loud thunder and the howling of the wind)…the tangles of snare bushes and weeds/vines and roots could be a representation of our wish to also “trip up” anything negative or harmful that may be trying desperately to peruse and stop what we are doing and the roots could also act as a representation of anchoring our allies and keeping them from being uprooted once/if the veil that covers their eyes clears and they suddenly know the truth once all of this has occured


I meant the blindfold representative. What it sounds like to me is probably wrong, so Iwanted someone to explain it to me.