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So I asked the instagram if we could ask who it was or if use figuring it out was part of the game… :eyes: couldn’t hold back asking anymore sorry


Is this one you @Saberlane?


The caption wasn’t {in brackets} and it was signed “-CJB” so I think it’s safe to assume so, but let’s see. Hopefully what ever entity is doing the other posts isn’t also committing perjury!


It’s me this time! Figured I’d try and squeeze a post in, see what happens?


A mysterious entity is posting riddles but if we catch them committing perjury, oh they’ve got another thing coming. :joy:


A lawsuit? Lol.


@Saberlane looks like our mysterious instagramer is back!


Making a joke? Calling us Salty by chance? :joy_cat: just kidding, I could have been the only one to come to that conclusion


I’m beginning to think it maybe hinting at the guilds in each theme, the peter rabbit theme could be Balimora, and then this new one could be Weatherwatch. Obviously it’s took soon to tell.


Wasn’t Gossmere a rabbit in the Cosmos picture?


If the pirate one is Weatherwatch, penmanship feels very Thorn-y.
And at this point, there are now 6 AG posts.

Adding: The Toad post could be Bali! (Remembered the Minnying of Ojorad)

Again, presuming there’s some correlation going on to begin with.

Some more general spitballing:
Tenuous linking of Jemima Puddleduck and Unowl?
Puddleduck post mentions a fox; there’s a fox in the cosmos picture.
I thought that “boroso” could translate to something and knew that “ojo” did; ojo is “eye” and “borroso” is "blurry."
The first Beatrix Potter post is more about the mechanics of the game than any specific characters, maybe Flinter?


Ahhh!! So many possible connections! It’s awesome to be back in it.


what could this be leading to? We dont have a code or a locked box, so to speak. We cant enter a passcode or anything… Maybe it’ll be revealed as we go.


Our mysterious Instagramer is back with another classic book


If we’re attributing these to guilds, I’m getting very strong Goss vibes.