The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


Stay safe Sel!


Power back on, finally, no structural damage, just some limbs down. Thanks, Irma (you B :balimora: h).
Please stay safe up there, @Sellalellen.


Glad to hear you’re okay @Leigha!


Robert is always on point.


its in the east corner of the compound. The room number is 177, and remember, sleep clothes only.
your usual place in the fort has been lefts as it was.

Be safe, and be careful!


Today’s the day… :two_hearts:


Well done! Thanks for all the amazing work you’ve put in!


Congratulations @Revenir! Basecamp wouldn’t be the same without you! Keep on trucking, and here’s to many more anniversaries!


Congrats bab!! :heart::heart:


grats! i’ll join y’all soon!




Congrats Rev!


@magiqbot fortune Will I have a nice good cookies with lunch?


:crystal_ball: It is certain


:tada::tada::tada: Yes heavenly choir starts playing YES :tada::tada::tada:


Ok…Can I just say that I love that the big spell is beingcalled Back to the Future? It’s so great. :joy: :heart:


Hey mounties! Heads up that anyone who contributes to my Patreon campaign (a million thank-yous) had their avatar flair changed to a Patreon symbol last night (because I’m working on some automated things on the backend.) I went back and manually changed the accounts of everyone I knew was affected and put their guild group back as their primary group, instead of the “patron” group. Let me know if I missed you and you need help getting your guild flair back!


Guys all day at the back door of my work there was knocking…I kept looking through the windows and no one was there


Knock back! :joy:


I tried! I guess I’m not ready then :crying_cat_face: