The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


You know, I completely forgot to create the Initiatives Category for things like Nepenthe, Nanowrimo, fitness and photo challenges, etc.

Should we migrate existing initiatives over to an in-world Initiatives category for the front page? I think the leaders could quickly scan the handful of topics and make sure there’s nothing out-of-world (I even think Augbro’s brilliant idea to “retrace” the paths of Cole would be completely fin in-world.

I’d love to have all the things you’re doing outside of magiq in one easy to find place and also help new readers to see all the cool stuff you’re doing.


Happy Birthday @CJB ! :tada:


Happy birthday @CJB!


Happy birthday @CJB!


Enjoy the culmination of a year of growth. Happy Birthday.


@Ginger Helios met Wizard irl yesterday


Happy St. Itsuki’s Day, everyone!! :fox_face::herb: