The Unmasking


With the subject of St. Augie day coming up, the topic of masks came up, specifically the role they would play on this holiday. Historically, masks conceal, deceive, and entertain. However, what happens when you add a bit of magiq? You have Unmasks, a key part of this holiday and how it is celebrated. The masks reveal your inner self, your truth. That means something different to everyone, every guild, and every culture. In Gossmere, I’d like to imagine it reveals the animal within. The true beast that lies behind the surface.
I can just see it, a parade down Gossplains, all sorts of colors and masks, everyone’s heart on their sleeve, or in this case face… So what do you guys think? What would your mask look like?


Just some concept art I quickly scribbled


im not sure what my mask might look like. might be a bit odd, but probably incorporate some type of soft flames.


Wood that’s been sanded smooth. Full face, excluding eyes. Mirror shards under the eyes and across the nose. Tie on, using a natural cord like twine. Twig ‘crown’ coming out of the forehead. The mask is form-fitting and mud accents various places, which places are decided prior to wearing it.


I messed around in Photoshop for a bit and this is what I came up with. I tried various kinds of ornamentation on the mask or on my face but nothing really looked like me. This is me. It’s a rather straightforward design, but this is the closest I can get to how I see myself. Perhaps the print changes every so often, shifting with my thoughts or the currents of magiq. Do not worry about my vision, my right eye is blind so covering it is no hindrance. It would be tied on with purple ribbon to match my guild coat.


I absolutely love these, all of these, so creative and interesting!!


Mine would be a lion, noble, brave and strong with a mane of flickering golden flames. This is reflective of the fact that I’m usually pretty level headed until pushed to a certain threshold. Then I roar.


I feel like we’d have a couple of masks. I know I’d carry a few, one for my inner truth, one for the truth for my guild (even with my odd status in how i view my polyguild-ness), and one for another truth, something i cant think of at the time, but another truth…

Or my masks would incorporate to all of them. my inner truth, my outer truth, and my guild truth. 3 masks that play on each other. Lordy my mind is all over the place.


After a lot of research I’ve decided I would be a mink. In most traditions involving animal spirits or energy, the mink involves the concepts of needing stimulus, both emotionally and mentally, but also a love for small and safe areas. I have a connection with minks as well because when I was little me and my dad spotted a white one just in our back yard, a rare sight in Pennsylvania.
So yeah, a mink it is.


i still need to do my research there…


In terms of a unified guild theming, Thornmouth could exaggerate the individual. With each mask having elements related to the person’s specific area of study. Whatever they seem the most knowledgeable in. (My mask stressing my involvement in botany.) Allowing the remaining features to be utilized for personal representation, in the terms of personality. (Hence my usage of a full-face mask and the mirror shards.)
Unity could also come from each member etching/writing/carving their favorite quote or passage, from anywhere, someplace on the mask, be it on the front, the side, or the back. (Mine would likely be on the back. That being, “Wasing the how of wanting the doing.”)


@VictorianFlorist Is that Mistborn?


While the face of my mask is simple, i feel that the ribbon would be ornate, decorated with Egyptian symbols. The ends would have silver charms, one with an eye of Horus, and the other with an orizuru.


Wasing the being of the right. Wasing the having of the slang the knowing. Ising the doing of the learning of.