The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


Hello. I’m a new Thornmouth and I’m glad to meet you all. I’m new to the concepts that you all have probably come to know and I’d love to learn whatever I can be taught. The more I’m able to learn the more I can contribute back to those who are here.


Welcome! I know it’s alot to read through so I suggest starting with the fragment recaps on YouTube or the weekly recaps on the Basecamp 33 blog. If you need help finding anything, or are confused about anything at all, feel free to ask me or any other guild leader. :endri2:


Welcome, Cywien! Happy to have another recruit! By the way, you can ‘join’ the Thornmouth group on the Forum by clicking the hamburger menu at the top right, selecting “Groups,” and then clicking ‘join.’ As Sel said, feel free to ask around to get caught up on the events of the last year and a half - there’s a lot.


Can someone smarter than me help Cywien get a guild flare? I dont remember how to do that.
Edit: never mind Viv answered that before I could ask it.


(I helped!)


You keep ninja’ing me :deirdrexd:


Welcome @Cywien! It’s always awesome to have a new recruit around! If you need help please ask. We’re all here if anythings needed.


Welcome Cywien, to the mountie family!


Welcome to the cu-LUB. The club. Welcome. It’s always awesome to get new recruits! Glad to have you @Cywien !!


Welcome to the mounties, Cywien!


Hey @Cywien! Welcome to Basecamp 33!


Hey Cywien, welcome to the Ackerly Green forums! Happy to have you aboard. :cjsmile:


I’m super late, but welcome @Cywien! Glad to have another Thorn. :thornmouth: