The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


Welcome @caitlin!


Welcome @caitlin!!


Welcome @caitlin !!!
I’m so excited to have another Ebenguardian on the forums!
I’m one of your guild leaders, so feel free to direct any questions my way! ^-^


Welcome, @caitlin! Always glad to have another Mountie!


I just took the exam! I’m in Ebenguard!


Welcome to the forum, @altxxn! Your guild leaders @Deyavi and @Ginger are both really great resources to getting up to speed here, but reading the weekly recaps and watching the fragment recaps are good things to start with. Also, you can ask a lot of the rest of us if you have any specific questions about Fragments, Basecamp, or what we Mounties did to open the Book of Briars.

Sorry if that’s a bit overwhelming, but I just wanted to give you some avenues to get started by yourself! Again, welcome!


Welcome @altxxn!!


Welcome to Basecamp 33 @altxxn!


Kicks rock, shoves hands in pockets, strolls off muttering under his breath


Welcome @altxxn !!
Always glad to have another Ebbie :blue_heart:


It’s a pleasure to meet a new Mountie @altxxn! Welcome!