We've Done Something



Maybe? Probably in the long run. It could be the son dissappeared into Neithernor (maybe it’s Woolie?) and that’s why they could keep popping back to leave gifts now and then.

I think if we unlock Woolie’s memories we’ll answer that question… or not. Darned if I know.


We could be dealing with some kind of time magiq as well. kind of like in teh last few fragemnts when we were speaking across time with the chronocompass as our conduit. maybe the faerie stones have a matching set in neithernor, and cause time is weird, and magiq is in play, the gifts are getting there? or maybe the council of 18 gates (or at least i think thats what they’re called) have something to do with it?


I can check the maritime museum out on Saturday, I’m not sure about the pirate though or the circle of stones… I could do some investigating though


Are there any parks in Brizzy? As the stone circle might be in there


Plenty of parks (it’s Australia, we have room for days :joy::joy:) but nothing I can recall with a stone circle. There is a park area next to the maritime museum


Not sure if somebody has mentioned this but isn’t northeast on the chronocompass Flinterforge. Could the fishing village have some connection to the Flinterforge?


Could “northeast” have been a story element? Like the reader said northeast because it’s northeast of where they were. Ugh, there’s too many possibilities with this. Take “Circles of Stones” for instance. It could be legitimate circles of stones, it could also be the name of a ship, the name of a beach, or of a building. Though, if we are going for a circle of stone, this site fits okay, but doesn’t have anything that I can find to do with pirates, unless farmers robbing the tomb fits.


Nothing from Herman sadly




Well could still be in Brisbane but I wasn’t in the right place. I’ve just hit a wall when it comes to thinking where it could be


I think we’ve all hit a wall. There’s too many areas that seem to fit the clues all over the world.


Apparently so.


I wasn’t in the office yesterday and came back to an office neighbor’s noise complaint tacked to the door. Nothing was different inside but this is what happened before Woolie showed up last time. Will keep you posted…


Looks like Wollies been throwing another ghostly rave party :wink::joy: